Terms of Reference



Objective 1: Dissemination


TC 302 will provide a forum for active participation by its members with the view of advancing the state of knowledge in the field of Forensic Geotechnical Engineering (FGE). It will promote the dissemination of knowledge, research findings and practice in the area of FGE through close collaboration with ISSMGE TC committees and sister societies TCs. This committee has conducted five international seminars on FGE.


Objective 2: Guidelines & Recommendations

Prepare introductory guidance documents on the forensic procedures to be followed in failure investigations pertaining to geotechnical engineering. It shall contain procedures for systematic scrutiny of every stage of planning, investigations (both field and laboratory), evaluation and selection of design parameters, analysis and design, construction techniques adopted, detailed documentation regarding quality control, problems encountered including meteorological conditions, etc.

The report on Forensic Geotechnical Engineering will be published on-line (can be downloaded from http://tc302-issmge.com/ ). Encourage its use by academia and practitioners once it is completed.


Objective 3: Conference Assistance

Organise special sessions in FGE in conferences of common interest Conduct a major conference in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering


Objective 4: Industry links

Prepare a database of companies involved in Forensics. Establish co-operation and exchange of knowledge with national and international public institutions and government agencies to help provide a data for forensic Geotechnical Engineering. Promote and recommend TC 302 members best practice published papers and reports to the industry. Improve the relationship with industry through joint seminars/workshops. Use the http://tc302-issmge.com/ website as the vehicle of delivery of the information needed by the industry.